Explore our diverse range of biofuel products and alternative biomass sources, all designed to meet your eco-friendly energy needs, including wood pellets, firewood, kindling wood, briquettes

We prioritize sustainability in sourcing, ensuring that our biofuels are both environmentally responsible and energy-efficient.

We are engaged in wholesale trade of biofuel products.

LTF Group Wood Pellets are a great alternative to traditional firewood suitable for residential and commercial heating. Wood pellets are an environmentally friendly product that is manufactured by recycling wood waste such as sawdust. Moreover, no adhesives or chemical additives are used to produce our wood pellets. Furthermore, compared to conventional wood, these pellets have a lower moisture content and thus demonstrate a higher thermal efficiency.

We only distribute wood of the highest quality, namely certified Lithuanian timber as well as other region timber. We also supply high-quality timber from other regions. The selection is extensive and tailored to meet the expectations of each customer. We can offer ash, oak, birch, hornbeam, alder, beech (from Ukraine) firewood and mixed softwood firewood.

Briquettes are another popular alternative to firewood. They are environmentally friendly, highly efficient, and suitable for heating homes and commercial premises alike. We take extra care in ensuring that no chemicals, such as adhesives or binders, were used in producing the briquettes we sell. Therefore, by using our briquettes you will also be showing the utmost respect to mother nature.

If you are looking for maximum comfort during the whole heating season, kindling wood is the easiest and safest way to start a fire. Kindling wood is suitable for use in stoves and wood burners and can be used with care on open fires. Made from premium materials and professionally dried, it ensures efficient fire starting. The precise cutting and packaging guarantee consistent quality in every bag.