Our timber processing factory and warehouses are strategically located in Lithuania, a North European country, in Anyksciai town which is the most beautiful region of Lithuania, surrounded by dense forests.

The products from this center are shipped and sold in more than 15 countries worldwide.

Wood drying

We use the most popular and effective chamber – convectional drying of wood.

This system is specifically designed to effectively reduce cracks in wood products, preserving their aesthetic appearance and positive qualities.

We are also about delivering results. Using our yearly planed product capacity of 50,000 cubic meters, our group generates over 50 mln EUR turnover annually.

Efficient production

At our timber processing factory one of key strengths lies in our ability to process quick orders efficiently.

Whether you require specific dimensions or customized timber products, our skilled team is equipped to meet the most demanding order with ease.

Furthermore, our quick loading procedures ensure that your orders are ready for shipment without delay.

Reliable partner

So our timber production factory and warehouses in Anyksciai, Lithuania, are your trusted global partner with dedication to excellence, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

With a vast capacity and swift operational processes, we are ready to meet your timber needs with accuracy and speed.


in total turnover

33M +

Annual turnover of LTF Group


export countries

50 000 m³

annual capacity for machined products