About us

LTF Group veiklą pradėję 2005 metais kaip medienos prekybininkai, išaugome iki medienos produkcijos gamintojo.

Gaminius eksportuojame daugiau nei 15 pasaulio šalių. Lig šiol likome ištikimi kokybei, pelnėme klientų pripažinimą ir tarptautinį žinomumą.

LTF Group values

We value and nurture a team of experienced specialists who bring their knowledge, responsibility and skills to every project, ensuring the highest standards of service.
Openness is at our core. We believe in clear communication, honesty, and accountability in all our interactions, both internally and with our clients.
Flexibility and speed define our approach. We are committed to delivering swift and adaptable solutions, working closely with our clients to meet their needs efficiently.

Why LTF Group?

Global Reach, Local Expertise

We’re not confined by borders, our reach is global. With over 20+ years of experience and know-how in the wood industry, we have extended our expertise to excel in timber production as well.

Quick Deals

In the fast-paced world of business, timing is everything. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're here to make your business transactions as seamless as possible.

Fair Prices

In our commitment to providing excellent service, we can provide fair prices by collaborating with trusted, long-standing partners and by manufacturing wood products in-house.

Strength lies in the team

The Heart of Our Success is our dedicated team. Comprising experienced professionals, they bring their expertise to every aspect of our operations. From production to export managers, our team is committed to excellence and responsibility.

Multilingual Client Support

We are offering multilingual client support, ensuring our customers' needs are met in English, Russian, Italian, and French. Our team is dedicated to providing clear communication and assistance to our global clients and partners.

Certified Suppliers, Certified Quality

We believe in the power of partnerships. That’s why our suppliers are carefully selected, ensuring that every piece of timber that reaches your is of the highest quality and sourced sustainably.


in total turnover

33M +

Annual turnover of LTF Group


export countries

50 000 m³

annual capacity for machined products

50 000 m³

annual capacity for machined products

275 000 m³

cubic metres of wood products