Wooden pallet components

LTF Group offers high-quality wooden pallet boards and pallet components made from softwood and hardwood, available in three distinct grades to meet diverse industry needs.

We can offer both dried and chemically treated timber. We have 3 grades of pallet blanks in our range - from premium to standard and economy grades.


At the customer‘s request, we can perform a drying service and chemical treatment to meet customer needs and ensure the highest quality of our wooden pallet components.


Softwood – mixed pine and spruce.

Hardwood – mixed birch, alder and aspen.

LTF Group provides from premium grade for high-strength needs, to standard and economy grades for cost-effective solutions.


Grade 1 Material under this grading is sharp-edged, no blue stains, no worm holes, no falling knots.
Grade 2 Material under this grading contains wanes (up to 66% of thickness and width), no bark allowed, material can come with blue stains or worm holes.
Grade 3 Material under this grading contains deep wanes (but the board should maintain its thickness and width throughout), and can come with bark, blue stains, and wormholes.


Thickness from 12 mm up to 200 mm
Width from 60 mm up to 200 mm
Length from 800 mm to 6000 mm

To placing an order or to learn more about our pallet products, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have.


High quality

Coniferous wood


3 quality grades

Drying treatment

Chemical treatment

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