LTF group įmonėje tvarumas – viena iš prioritetinių sričių.

Naudojame medieną – vieną tvariausių statybinių medžiagų planetoje, turinčią teigiamą poveikį visai ekosistemai. Gamyboje laikomės žiedinės ekonomikos principų. Esame įsipareigoję socialinei atsakomybei, puoselėdami įtraukią darbo vietą, kurioje vertinama įvairovė ir vienodos galimybės visiems darbuotojams.

Climate Change

Wood is one of the most sustainable building materials on the planet, positively impacting the ecosystem: growing trees use solar energy, cool the Earth, absorb excess water, and provide homes and food for many animal species. Additionally, trees remove CO2 from the atmosphere, storing it as biogenic carbon. This means trees play a significant role in collecting atmospheric pollutants and contribute to reducing climate change. Most wood products' dry mass consists of half biogenic carbon. Therefore, due to the specificity of this raw material, our products are renewable, sustainable, and have a positive environmental impact.

Based on circular economy principles, we aim to minimize resource wastage and environmental impact. We operate so that all resources are used as efficiently as possible during the production cycle, generating no waste, and wood residues formed during the production process become raw materials for new products. This cycle is economically beneficial and ecologically correct in the long run.

Responsible Production

LTF Group contributes to sustainable natural resource management and effective use in the organization's operations. In creating and offering wood products, we always rely on sustainable choices. We aim for this approach to be reflected throughout the value chain, from raw material supply to production and distribution.

High-quality standards are crucial to our operations. This guarantees us not only reliable and durable products but also solid partnerships and customer loyalty.

Our products must ensure that the structures for which they are used do not limit the service life of buildings or products. Therefore, we use only FSC® certified wood in production. Certification ensures that products are made from responsibly managed forests, providing environmental, social, and economic benefits. To ensure the reliability and quality of our products for building structures, we are certified to perform strength grading of wood according to EN 14081-1:2005 and AS/NZS 1748:2011 standards. These standards define standardized wood strength categories and set minimum physical properties for them.

Social Responsibility

Our primary goal is for employees to be proud to work at LTF Group, feeling appreciated, safe, and maintaining a balance between work and family relationships. Respecting human rights and freedoms, we stand against any discrimination.

  1. We strive to create a work environment where all our employees can feel equally valued and have opportunities for development, regardless of gender. We support their professional growth and promote gender diversity in our team.
  2. We value the contributions of all age groups and understand that diverse experience is our strength. We encourage employees to realize their potential and support age diversity, allowing us to grow and develop.
  3. We feel fulfilled being able to share our well-being with those in need and contribute a little to easing their daily lives.