Glued laminated timber

High-quality glued laminated timber (glulam) is characterized by high load-carrying capacity, dimensional stability and the ability to form the timber components into almost any shape.

Glulam is characterized by high load-bearing capacity, dimensional stability, and the ability to shape almost any wooden components.

Glued laminated timber is available in straight and curved shapes, thus opening up almost unlimited freedom of design in timber construction.

Areas of application:

  • Detached houses and apartment buildings
  • Multi-storey residential and office buildings
  • Public buildings and administrative buildings
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Industrial and production hall-type building
  • Sports halls and leisure facilities

Areas of use

  • Roof truss and roof structures even in the exposed area
  • Long-span main beams also in special shapes
  • Supports and columns
  • Ceiling structure or as support grid system

Glulam laminated veneer lumber


Length 12 m ir 13,5 m

We supply glued laminated timber according to individual orders.

Benefits of glued timber

Innovated shapes: straight, cambered and in special shapes

Large span lengths

High load-carrying capacity with low density

High dimensional stability due to gluing

Fast and dry construction method

Can be worked with simple tools

High fire and chemical resistance

High thermal insulation properties

Natural, renewable and 100 % recyclable building material